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Power your module assembly line with Burke Porter assembly, balance and test automation

From traditional internal combustion engines to cutting-edge electric and hybrid technologies, we can help you achieve better power transfer quality and reduce Noise Vibration and Harshness.

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Why Burke Porter Propulsion solutions?

Fast. Smooth. Quiet. Pick three for your vehicles with Burke Porter to ensure long-term performance on the road, satisfy customer expectations and reduce warranty returns associated with noise and vibration from powertrain components.

Burke Porter specializes in delivering cutting-edge assembly, balancing, and test solutions for propulsion systems including engines, axles, and e-mobility systems. Our extensive expertise and track record in providing customizable solutions tailored to your exact specifications ensure maximum efficiency and top-tier performance. Committed to safety, quality, and reliability, we consistently deliver projects on time and within budget, offering our clients the peace of mind they need for successful programs.

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Flexible to your needs

No customer is the same. No site is the same. That’s why we offer each location and plant engineer customized solutions to meet your demanding specifications. Our specialists will ensure the entire process of procurement, design, assembly, and test is provided as a turnkey system. We take full responsibility from inquiry, quotation, supply, installation, and support.

Decades of durability

Like you, we develop high-performance technologies that are built to last. Backed by the industry’s deepest experience and practical know-how, Burke Porter delivers best-in-class products and services that reliably perform for decades. And, once they’re up and running, we continue to support those installations through the entire lifecycle of a program – from conception to eventual advancement.

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Seamlessly integrated

Our propulsion assembly, balance, and test systems deliver another significant advantage: they seamlessly integrate with our end-of-line testing systems to enhance the overall quality, efficiency, and consistency of your environment. With Burke Porter, you get one partner for all of your automated module assembly and testing needs, simplifying the purchasing and project management process along with a single stop for service and support while giving you the confidence that everything runs as it should, 24/7.

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