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Dynamic Balancing Machines | Universal Balancing

Dynamic balancing machines for all industries and rotor types. Manual and automatic dynamic balancing machine solutions for varying production demands. Integrated unbalance correction through drilling, milling, welding etc. 24/7 remote support and global support network

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Our complete range of dynamic balancing machines include horizontal balancers, vertical balancers and product specific balancers such as crankshafts, torque converters, axles and propshafts.

Machines are supplied to integrate with fully automated production cells through robot, gantry or track loading, or as standalone semi-automatic or manual balancers. We have dynamic balancing machines to fit all production environments.

With our modular approach to design, manual and automatic unbalance correction (such as drills, mills and welders) can be seamlessly integrated within the balancing machine.

All dynamic balancing machines come with our trademark ultra-high accuracy and repeatability, rapid cycle time, flexible configuration, small footprint and extreme ease of use.

Our dynamic balancers come with our industry leading UNI-64 Windows measuring system and easy to use Winbal touchscreen balancing software. This includes error proofing of setups and operation, it also hosts features to improve cycle time, prompt routine maintenance checks and has comprehensive industry 4.0 in-built diagnostics.

When support is needed, our customers enjoy 24/7 remote support and access to our global network of service engineers.