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Discover a culture of innovation that elevates performance

Ascential Technologies acts as an extension of our customers’ teams and their capabilities to produce novel innovations that protect, improve and extend lives. Here are just a few of the countless examples of how we’ve helped bring bold ideas to market, realizing thousands of product journeys, hundreds of patents, and countless lives impacted.

Pioneering automotive safety

Ascential’s Burke Porter brand entered the automotive industry in 1953 with the world’s first roll-brake machines to test vehicles before they leave the line. Today, our technologies are responsible for 400+ tests that ensure over 40 million vehicles per year are safe to drive, from wheel alignment to emissions to advanced automated driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Enabling precision medicine

In Singapore, our engineers have designed and delivered automated lines that produce consumable cartridges for the world leader in genome sequencing instruments and technology, unlocking the first generation of precision medicines that will extend and save countless lives.

Overcoming antibiotic resistance

We’ve partnered with a diagnostics startup to accelerate phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing without compromising result accuracy. The increase in speed and throughput ensures that patients receive the correct, life-saving antibiotic when they need it most, all while mitigating the risk of spreading superbugs. The typical, multi-day process can now be done accurately in one, 8-hour shift.

Fully automated trucks

Ascential partnered with one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers to produce a fully-automated truck with our industry-leading end of line testing solutions, including automated driver assistance systems (ADAS), non-contact wheel alignment (NCA) and headlight aiming systems (HLA).

360-degree driver assistance

Burke Porter has helped to quickly and accurately calibrate automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) both in the OEM factories and in the aftermarket. With unique 360-degree flexibility, these systems enable vehicles to detect imminent dangers outside before they can harm the passengers inside. Today, we are taking those same in-plant technologies to the aftermarket to support the recalibration of vehicles involved in collisions.

Localized cancer therapies

Not only do we enable automation for our customers, we use it in our own clean room facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we contract manufacture a drug-coated medical device that delivers time-released cancer fighting therapies directly to specific organs – while not harming the organs around it.

At-home Covid-19 testing

At the height of the recent pandemic, Ascential played a crucial role in enabling convenient at-home COVID-19 testing. Through innovation and technology, we supported a diagnostic customer in the development and scaled manufacturing of user-friendly testing kits, expanding accessibility and aiding in the global fight against the pandemic.

Accelerating medical innovation

One Fortune 100 global corporation, renowned for innovation and recognized for its contributions to adhesive technology, healthcare solutions, and electronic materials, reduced time to market by 12-18 months with Ascential’s model of combining automation with device production under one roof.

Ushering in the electric vehicle era

Ascential is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, pioneering advanced safety and emissions testing solutions. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure EVs meet the highest standards for safety and environmental sustainability, driving the transition to a cleaner and safer automotive future.