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Transmission Component Balancing Machines | Universal Balancing

Balancing machines for transmission shafts, gears, hubs and plates. Automatic single or multi-station balancing machines designed for high volume production lines. Intelligent in-process feedback optimizes production throughput and reduces rejects. Ultra-high accuracy. Repeatability of <10% part tolerance. Industry leading cycle time.

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Our range of transmission rotor balancing machines deliver super high levels of accuracy and repeatability, and exceed industries process capability requirements as standard.

A range of horizontal and vertical balancing machines are available to accommodate a wide range of transmission components, measuring unbalance in one or two planes.

Machines typically have automatic drill or mill correction integrated, with cut start detection and intelligent feedback. This ensures quality unbalance correction, increased machine throughput and reduced rejects. Other integrated correction methods include punches, laser cutting, coupon welding as well as special rotor-specific methods.

Single station and multi-station variants are offered for varying batch sizes and production demands, supplied as complete cells or as standalone systems to go into customer cells. Both are typically integrated by robot or pick and place gantries.

Our transmission component balancing machines for shafts, gears, hubs and plates, come with our industry leading UNI-64 Windows measuring system and easy to use Winbal balancing software. This includes error proofing of setups and operation, it also hosts features to improve cycle time, prompt routine maintenance checks and comprehensive industry 4.0 in-built diagnostics functionality.

All our transmission component balancing machines have a small footprint as standard, are installed and commissioned in as little as 2 days and are built largely with industry standard components.