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Balancing Measuring System & Software | Universal Balancing

The capability of any balancer is the result of its balance measurement system, and Universal Balancing offers the most advanced available in the UNI-64 Windows based measuring system and the Windows-based Winbal balancing software.

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The UNI-64 electronic measuring system is UB’s third generation system designed specifically for any version of Microsoft Windows operating systems. With its predecessor developed in the early 2000’s, it is a very mature and stable Windows-based platform.

As well as providing unrivalled accuracy, this world leading measuring system has been designed to reduce the time taken to carry out balancing operations through ease of use and speed of measurement. The system utilizes the latest digital sine wave demodulation techniques. All electronic components are surface mounted on a single board and housed in a standalone unit delivering immaculate reliability. The measuring system communicates to a standard PC, running Windows™, via Ethernet. The Winbal software provides the balance machine operation through a single, operator intuitive, interface, via a touch screen.


Universal Balancing’s customers prefer Winbal to any other manufacturer’s software as it is extremely easy to setup and operate, with all content stored in easily navigated Windows styled tabs and folders. Visual, intuitive, screen displays with pop-up menus and step-by-step screen prompts enable untrained operators to carry out balancing operations effortlessly.

Setting up of jobs is a rapid process. Once the rotor dimensions, correction methods and tolerances have been inputted, they are permanently stored, making future recall possible at the touch of a button. Calibration and tooling compensation is a simple, 3-step on-screen proce-dure and is permanently stored against each job.

Winbal has exceptional error-proofing for every step of the balancing process. This is particularly important for automated machines where quality is paramount and only good parts are released to the end customer. The list below shows just some of the important error-proofing features. Universal Balancing are also pleased to discuss any particular error-proofing requirements to safeguard against potential quality issues.

Proving of Machine Calibration
Proving of Tooling Compensation
Proving relocation of parts in tooling
Proving operators have relocated (flipped) parts in process
Automatic pickup failure detection
In tolerances and auditing processes
Errors due to temperature post welding
What makes Winbal unique is that it is used across all machine types meaning that features developed for one product can be carried across to other products and industries.

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