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Wind Turbine Dynamometers | Burke E. Porter Machinery Company

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Wind Turbine Dynamometers

Our wind turbine dynamometers allow for full load testing of the gearbox up to 14 MW using either regenerative input/output drives and motors, or the four square method.


Testing Software

Developed for Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing

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Dynamometer Control & DAQ System

The wind powertrain dynamometer control system incorporates a Burke E. Porter control system which has been developed for over 30 years of dynamometer system solutions, EPA certification, and holds a US Patent for road load simulation. This system is complete with operator interface computer, dynamometer control computer, test cell host computer, and data acquisition.

Host Computer – Cell Controller The key feature of the BEP WTG test system control solution is the integrated operation of all test stand, test article, and test DAQ and reporting systems in one easy to use operator interface, as well as remote monitoring, and diagnostics.

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D3 Dynamometer Controller D3

A deterministic QNX real time operating system (as used by Cisco and in Nuclear Power Plant Control Systems), is used as the central processing unit.

See Test Cell Interface Screen


Integrated B&K® Vibration Measurement, and BEP automated post processing

The post-processing WTG test report is generated for each gearbox test showing the kinematic frequencies and amplitudes for the expected gear mesh of each stage. This data is linked to the speed and torque, as well as monitored temperatures, pressures, and oil cleanliness data. The entire multiple step test and reporting process can be done with a few clicks of a mouse.

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