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Primatics PLR350

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The Primatics PLR350 Series rotary positioning table offers a variety of options for systems in need of small, stiff angular corrections. An innovative drive system creates arcsecond accuracy and fast settling times, making the PLR350 ideal for point to point indexing, assembly, and optical applications where worm drives can’t provide the necessary accuracy, throughput, or life.



Our unique, tangential drive system uses a precision grade ball screw, providing an alternative to worm drivetrains that can wear prematurely and develop backlash—this solution ensures high stage durability and long life. The low friction of a ball , screw drivetrain delivers significantly less backlash than a worm drive, ensuring quality performance for millions of cycles, even in high speed, high acceleration applications.

All PLR350 performance specifications are verified, and a full set of accuracy and repeatability plots are included with each stage. Additionally, each unit undergoes extensive burn-in and testing. These steps ensure that the stage will deliver optimal performance over a long period of time.

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  • +/-5 degree travel
  • Resolution up to 0.12 arcseconds
  • Accurate to within +/-2 arcseconds
  • 140 kilogram axial load

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