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Primatics ACS MC4U

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The ACS MC4U is a unique, modular, complete solution that addresses the tailor-made, flexible machine and motion control needs of OEMs. The ACS MC4U combines an EtherCAT controller (MC4Unt) or drive controller (MC4Udc), up to 8 universal motor drives, and power supplies with networking to provide a complete machine and motion control solution for demanding, motion-centric, machine automation


The ACS MC4U is built from standard plug-in components and addresses all of your machine control needs, resulting in shorter development cycle times, reduced risk, smaller footprints, and lower costs—different enclosure sizes are available to ensure the minimum size and volume needed to meet your power and axes needs.

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  • Can control up to 65 axes and hundreds of I/Os
  • Equipped with a powerful ASCPL+ multitasking motion language
  • Accurate to within +/-2 arcseconds
  • Can come equipped with up to 8 built-in drives covering 100 watts to 10 kilowatts
  • Digital and analog I/O

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