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Primatics PCL65

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The Primatics PCL65 Series are value priced, high precision linear motion stages. A backlash free, precision ground ball screw drivetrain provides precise positioning over travels of 50 to 600 millimeters. The NEMA 23 motor mount supports common servo or stepper motors.



The PCL65 series is ideal for applications such as precision assembly, inspection and material handling—can be used individually or directly stacked for XY configurations.


Included in the standard options for the PLC65 are forward and reverse limit sensors, a standard NEMA 23 motor mount, and a protective hard cover. The PLC65 Series mounting patterns are compatible with the Primatics PLG160 linear stages and PDR160 rotary stages.


The ball screw drivetrain has a 5 millimeter lead—a 10 millimeter lead ball screw is optional. A high performance, brushless servo motor with a 4000 line encoder comes standard. Optionally, clients can supply their own NEMA 23 motor and/or coupler.



  • 50-600 mm travel
  • Repeatability tolerance of +/-1.0 um
  • Accurate to within +/-5.0 um
  • Ball screw drivetrain
  • NEMA 23 motor mount

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