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Powertrain Dynamometers


We have systems for both medium and heavy-duty trucks, systems that achieve superior response times and provide precise control of torque, rpm, temperature, and pressure for exceptional repeatability and accuracy. We are the leading, worldwide supplier of electric chassis and drivetrain dynamometers for a variety of vehicle testing applications. We specialize in dynamometer test systems for passenger car, passenger truck, motorcycle and heavy truck platforms.


Drivetrain Dynamometer

Our drivetrain dynamometers provide a complete system for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Our machines feature one input electric AC Dynamometers and two output electric AC dynamometers. A GIF GSE2 gear-shifting and speed and force measuring unit and a GIF KBE clutch operating device are included for transmission gear shifting and clutch engagement and disengagement.

Our drivetrain dynamometer systems can be arranged in an inline configuration to perform transmission tests, a T-shape configuration for axle tests, and a combination-test configuration—this includes vehicle transmission, prop-shaft, and final drive axle. Additionally, our drivetrain dynamometers can perform road load simulations and traditional performance and durability tests.

Torque Converter Dynamometer

Our torque converter dynamometers provide precise control of torque, rpm, temperature and pressure for exceptional test repeatability and test data accuracy. Our efficient hot oil system supplies preconditioned oil to the testable machine and a closed loop controller takes in pressure and temperature signals from transducers near the test ports. These signals command proportional control valves to regulate temperature and pressure at the test specimen—measurement of mass flow through any given part is highly accurate.

Our drivetrain dynamometers can perform locked rotor tests, torque converter durability tests, torque converter efficiency tests, converter oil flow tests, forward and reverse flow tests, and leakage oil measurement tests. Our system can also be programmed to perform customer-defined tests.

Transaxle Dynamometer

Our transaxle dynamometers are built with advanced motor and drive technology and utilize AC dynamometers to achieve superior response times as compared to those that utilize DC dynamometers—this results in much shorter test cycle times. An added benefit of AC dynamometer technology is the ability to electrically lock and unlock the output dynamometer during the testing sequence, allowing torque converter oil to be circulated and cooled between data sample cycles. Additionally, our transaxle dynamometers allow for precise control of torque, RPM, temperature and pressure, which means exceptional test repeatability and test data accuracy.

Our transaxle dynamometers can perform transmission efficiency and durability tests, performance and durability tests of gear shifting unit and synchronizer, performance and durability tests of axle gear set, and differential gear and differential case tests. Our system can also be programmed to perform customer-defined tests.