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OBD System Review | WinterPark Engineering

We have the experts on staff to guide our clients through strategy/algorithm development & review, emission system/OBD warranty reduction, and identifying potential gaps in the OBD system.

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We Review and Analyze Your OBD System

A robust OBD and emission system can reduce warranty by eliminating false failures of the OBD system. WinterPark can improve your OBD system to be more robust in a variety of ways:

  1. Analyze your overall OBD system strategy to see if there is any room for improvement.
  2. Review individual diagnostic algorithms to ensure diagnostics are compliant and to correct any areas which could cause false failures.
  3. Check the diagnostics to identify potential gaps in the OBD system which occur when the OBD system is not diagnosing certain conditions which can result in a diagnostic being inhibited without indication to the driver via the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).

Full-Service Solutions

The OBD System review process is time consuming work which requires a deep understanding of the OBD regulations and how diagnostics should be designed to be considered compliant. This process can be a desktop exercise if provided with enough background information about the system, but for a real deep dive actual vehicle testing should be involved to understand how the OBD system reacts in various real life situations. WinterPark Engineering has the experience and industry knowledge to provide a full service solution.

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