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OBD Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE) Testing | WinterPark Engineering

We have the knowledge and capability to service all of our customers’ OBD testing needs, including PVE1, PVE2, and PVE3.

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PVE testing is required to confirm production vehicles meet government regulations. There are three parts involved in PVE testing and WinterPark has the experience to help our clients satisfy all aspects of the requirements below.

An important aspect of the CARB OBD regulation is the vehicle testing requirements. Manufacturers are required to perform Production Vehicle Evaluation (PVE) testing. PVE testing has three separate requirements: PVE1 (Verification of Standardized Requirements), PVE2 (Verification of Monitoring Requirements), and PVE3 (Verification and Reporting of In-use Monitoring Performance).

WinterPark Engineering has extensive experience supporting manufacturers with all types of PVE testing. WinterPark’s Generic Scan Tool Communication testing (PVE1) is ideal for end of line testing. Incorporating automated OBD testing at the end of the production line can help manufacturers catch legislative diagnostic issues before they leave the production facility, saving significant time and money.