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OBD and Emission Control System Compliance Testing

Our staff is able to detect and correct OBD issues in advance of CARB’s testing to avoid potential delays in production.

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CARB OBD Compliance and Enforcement Group

A fairly new department at CARB, has been created to perform confirmatory and compliance testing on manufacturer vehicles. They test all aspects of OBD to ensure that the vehicle is compliant. WinterPark proposes a proactive approach to perform this testing in advance of CARB’s testing. In order to detect and correct OBD issues in advance to avoid potential delays in production, WinterPark will leverage our previous knowledge of what “CARB is looking for” to perform the same testing that will be performed by CARB staff.

CARB Advanced Clean Cars II (ACC2) Program

The CARB ACC2 program has recently indicated it will adopt rule-making in the near future to address real world emission gaps in current regulation. The focus will be on cold start emissions related to soak time prior to cold start, idle duration prior to vehicle operation, and high-power operation following cold starts. To prepare for upcoming requirements, manufactures must understand if current vehicles emission control systems are robust against these operating conditions, or if gaps exists which will require development.

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