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Noise Vibration Harshness Dynamometers | Burke E. Porter Machinery Company

Our noise, vibration, and harshness testing machines can be used to test axles, power take-off units (PTUs), manual transmissions, and transfer cases. We can also test both light and heavy duty vehicles for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) ratio verification, speed sweeps, torque sweeps, and drag functionality.

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Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Testing

As overall vehicle quality continues to improve, so do driver expectations for a quiet ride. Such high expectations have significantly increased the number of warranty returns associated with noise and vibration from powertrain components. As a result, the industry is calling on test equipment suppliers to integrate noise analysis equipment into the test stand.

Burke Porter Machinery remains at the forefront of the move to supply cutting-edge test equipment fully integrated with noise and vibration analysis capabilities. We work with the leading noise and vibration equipment suppliers to incorporate accelerometers, microphone arrays, laser vibrometers and complete analysis software into a single, seamless test cell package. We can also supply custom-designed acoustic booths to maximize the efficiency of any noise analysis system. Burke Porter will work with you to develop the ideal testing environment for your product, while creating a comfortable, air-conditioned work area for the test stand operator.

The NVH software package provides a real-time, visual display that allows the operator to immediately access the sound profile of the test part. Data can also be stored for review at a later date. The software enables the system to intelligently make pass/fail decisions and pinpoint reasons for failure, including:

  • Incorrect bearing pre-loads
  • Gear surface brinelling
  • Tooth pitch errors
  • Surface finish errors
  • Shaft run-out
  • Heat treatment problems
  • Missing bearings

At Burke Porter it is our goal to make the integration of the noise analysis package and test equipment a smooth, simple process. Our specialists will manage the procurement, installation and run-in of the noise system onto the test stand prior to shipment from our plant. As the turnkey system supplier, we take full responsibility for the integration and proper set-up of your chosen noise analysis package.