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4WD EPA Chassis Dynamometers | Burke E. Porter Machinery Company

Our 4WD EPA chassis dynamometers have the same durability, and accuracy our customers have come to expect from our products. Our dynamometer systems bring true flexibility to the world of laboratory testing—and due to their modular designs, various MIM (motor-in-the-middle) systems can be designed to suit your needs.

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4WD EPA Chassis Dynamometers

At the center of our flexible, modular design is the Model 4100 2WD MIM dynamometer, which can be used as a fixed or moveable dynamometer or combined with a second dynamometer as part of a Model 4500 4WD MIM test system.


Model 4500/4600 4WD MIM Dynamometer

The Model 4500/4600 4WD MIM Dynamometer system consists of one fixed and one moveable Model 4100—heavy duty, welded steel frames provide rock-solid support for the mounting of machine components and can withstand loads of 10,000 lbs per axle. A modular, multi-section sub-frame supports the two main frames—the moveable axle is supported by linear bearings, which ride on the subframe rail system. The fixed and moveable roll sets come with all of the specifications detailed in the specifications for the Model 4100. Additionally, the moveable roll set can be adjusted to accommodate various vehicle wheelbases. Whether it’s a 2WD Model 4100 or a 4WD Model 4500, modularity is the hallmark of the MIM dynamometer test system and makes our design the perfect solution for a variety of test applications. Our system comes with excellent features designed to give our customers great value and a competitive edge:

  • High Accuracy, Repeatability, Reliability
  • Long Operating Life
  • Compact Machine Sizes
  • Advanced Technology with AC Vector Drive
  • BEP 3rd Generation Digital Controller
  • Easy-to-Use Operating Software
  • Nominal Drive ratings from 200 to 400 HP w/o envelope changes
  • Above deck lubrication & calibration
  • Centering rolls, roll covers, and laser line projector options
  • Easy to upgrade from 2WD to 4WD system

Model 4818 4WD Inline Dynamometer

Our inline dynamometers have the same durability, and accuracy our customers have come to expect from our products. Whatever the application, we has the solution. Wherever. Whenever.