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2WD EPA Chassis Dynamometers | Burke E. Porter Machinery Company

Our 2WD EPA chassis dynamometers have the same durability, and accuracy our customers have come to expect from our products. Our dynamometer systems bring true flexibility to the world of laboratory testing—and due to their modular designs, various MIM (motor-in-the-middle) systems can be designed to suit your needs.

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2WD EPA Chassis Dynamometers

At the center of our flexible, modular design is the Model 4100 2WD MIM dynamometer, which can be used as a fixed or moveable dynamometer or combined with a second dynamometer as part of a Model 4500 4WD MIM test system.


Model 4100 MIM

Our Model 4100 MIM Dynamometers are comprised of two 48-inch diameter, chrome-plated steel rollers driven by an AC electric motor coupled to a digital AC vector drive to provide road load simulation. A unique trunnion bearing system allows for pure measurement of the torque delivered to the vehicle drivetrain without the need to compensate for bearing losses or the need to employ complicated, actively powered bearing systems.

Model 5325 Moveable MIM

The Model 5325 Moveable MIM Dynamometer is a Model 4100 mounted to a heavy-duty, welded sub-frame on linear bearings—a continuous loop, multi-section deck mechanism attached to the moveable dynamometer chassis allows it to be moved while providing a rugged platform on which to drive the test vehicle.

Model 4442 Mileage Inline Accumulator

The Model 4442 Mileage Inline Accumulator Dynamometer is a medium duty machine used to test 2WD vehicles in the LDV/MDV weight classes. The MIM Chassis Dynamometer features an AC Flux Vector motor/absorber mounted between two dynamometer rolls.