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Ascential Medical & Life Sciences Wins Advanced Lateral Flow Award for Leadership in Diagnostics

Ascential Medical & Life Sciences Wins Advanced Lateral Flow Award for Leadership in Diagnostics

Company’s Ted Meigs Recognized for Exceptional Leadership, Collaboration and Strategic Insight into the Lateral Flow Diagnostics Industry 

SAN DIEGO, Cali., Feb. 21, 2024Ascential Medical & Life Sciences (M&LS) today announced it has been awarded the 2024 Advanced Lateral Flow Conference (ALFC) award for Leadership in Diagnostics based on the contributions of Ted Meigs, executive advisor and former CEO and president of Kinematic Automation (now part of Ascential Medical & Life Sciences).

The ALFC 2024 award is designed to commend extraordinary advancements in lateral flow diagnostics (LFD) that bring fast, accessible, and affordable testing at the point of care. These awards also motivate professionals to continue driving innovation and excellence within the industry.

Ascential M&LS won this award based on significant manufacturing innovation and support of Lateral Flow Diagnostics over decades through Kinematic Automation, and importantly, Ted Meig’s exceptional leadership, collaboration, and strategic insight contributing to the LFD sector’s growth and evolution. He has dedicated his career to advancing test strip manufacturing which has led to faster time-to-market for new tests and quicker diagnoses and treatment for patients. With seven patents issued and more pending, 

Over the course of his career, Ted’s innovative leadership has been instrumental in developing state-of-the-art processes for lateral flow assay production. His commitment to precision engineering, honed during his tenure at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, laid the foundation for success. Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, through Ted’s leadership, his innovation enabled manufacturers across the globe to meet the surging and critical demand for at-home and point-of-care tests, exemplifying his dedication to customer success and making significant contributions to global health efforts.

“This award recognizes the critical work that takes place behind the scenes to scale up LFD manufacturing and testing capacity to meet demand during a global pandemic as well as to bring new innovations forward to improve patient care, reliability and access to testing solutions,” said Scott Watts, President Ascential Medical & Life Sciences. “The great work Ted has done over four decades has contributed to early disease detection and outbreak control, ultimately protecting individual and community health on a global scale. This award is extremely well-deserved.”

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