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Software and Firmware

Software and firmware development is critical to success in manufacturing for the life sciences. The applications are wide-reaching, from automation and control of various processes to deep data analysis. Embedding software and firmware into hardware, instruments, and other platforms makes them more powerful, resulting in greater advancements in research and development.

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Ascential – Empowering Software & Firmware Solutions

Our expert software engineers are a part of your Ascential project team. That means that your software and firmware needs are identified during product development. When engineers from multiple areas of expertise—electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and software—are working cross-functionally, the product development process is more integrated and efficient. Our approach helps reduce risk and avoid pitfalls when projects are managed in silos and provides you with an unmatched level of knowledge and collaboration. The team can deliver custom software solutions for your instruments and systems that support your unique application. The result is more reliable, robust products delivered quickly.

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Domain Expertise

Our software engineers have significant experience collaborating cross-functionally with mechanical and electrical engineers. This collaboration results in better quality hardware and software delivered more efficiently.

Below are some of the key areas which our team is ready to support. Ascential has delivered software and firmware solutions across domains that cover:

  • XYZ Motion Control
  • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Optics and Opto-mechanics
  • User Experience Development
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Sensors
  • Wireless (Bluetooth/WiFi/2G/3G/LTE/NFC/RFID)
  • Mobile Application Development (iOS/Android)
  • Fluidics (Micro/Macro)
  • Mixing, Vortexing, and Centrifuges
  • Lasers, Photonics, Vision, and Lighting
  • Environmental Management (Vacuum, Temperature)
  • Test (Unit, Integration) and Process Development
  • Hardware Simulation for Testing and Development
  • Sub-Instrument Abstraction and Communications

Program Applications

Working across many domains, our team delivers software and firmware for a variety of applications. These programs enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance of every project.

Our experts can create custom instrument control and automation software that allows for precise and reproducible execution of experiments and processes. They build applications that:

  • Enable data collection from instruments, sensors, and devices
  • Process and analyze collected data
  • Take actions taken based on analyzed data, including:
    • Instrument Command and Control
    • Causal Process Execution
    • Asynchronous Parallel Workflow Coordination
    • Error Handling and Disposition

These applications can be designed to run on a PC, mobile device, microcontroller, or PLC depending on the unique needs of your project.

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Compliance Standards

When you choose Ascential, you choose a deep bench of professional engineers with specific experience developing for life sciences and medical applications. They understand the critical nature of FDA regulations and other compliance standards, and they are uncompromising when delivering software and firmware that meets these requirements. Our team regularly works key compliance standards, including:

  • IEC 62304
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14971
  • 21 CFR Part 820
  • 21 CFR Part 11

Flexible, Experienced Developers

Our engineers have an extensive knowledge base which includes several development platforms, frameworks, toolchains, interfaces, and programming languages. This provides the flexibility to choose the best approach for your unique project and deliver the highest performance.

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Effective Project Management

The right processes are critical to deliver quality software and firmware projects on time. Ascential utilizes several systems and project management processes to achieve rigorous standards for every phase of development.  In addition to design and requirements documentation, our team uses the following tools and processes to ensure every project is successful:

  • Atlassian Tools (Jira, BitBucket, Crucible)
  • Jenkins Build Server
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps (GitHub)
  • Coding Standards (MISRA, CERT)
  • Code Review Process and Guidelines
  • Branching/Release Processes and Guidelines

Solving complex challenges by working cross-functionally across our engineering and development team, our software and firmware experts design products that are reliable and robust.

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