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Are you seeking solutions for challenging high-resolution and super-resolution microscopy? These advanced technologies surpass the limitations of conventional optical microscopy, allowing scientists to visualize biological structures in finer detail. Delivering an optimized system and purpose-built instruments that integrate advanced resolution microscopy poses complex challenges, but the Ascential team can help.

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Ascential’s unmatched expertise in microscopy, combined with our capabilities to design and manufacture complex instruments at any scale, allow us to reduce project risk and fast track prototyping and production. Our knowledge, coupled with our manufacturing facilities ready to deliver materials, prototyping, and production, enable us to deliver better solutions faster. From managing environmental variables like temperature and motion, to developing processes to ensure precision and repeatability, our expert team designs high-performing products with
manufacturability and reliability in mind.

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Functional Design

When designing a system that uses high-resolution or super-resolution microscopy, balancing performance with manufacturability is key. Our team delivers solutions for challenging tolerances, with optical systems that operate with precision–even at the physical limits of diffraction. They choose lasers, cameras, sensors, and other devices that meet cost, reliability, and space requirements. The result is a high-performance design with components that can be manufactured with speed and efficiency.

Thermal and Environmental Management

Many processes involve challenging sample conditions, such as high temperatures, extreme pH levels, or harsh chemical environments. Ensuring that the microscopy techniques used are compatible with these conditions is a challenge, often requiring specialized equipment or modifications. Our experts deliver precise solutions designed to address your unique challenges and enable experiment repeatability. From thermal management, vibration isolation, to precision optics motion control, Ascential ensures your sample quality is protected and processes remain accurate.

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Performance Requirements

The manufacturing of high-resolution microscopy systems requires extremely precise optics with minimal defects. Our expert team works with you to refine your requirements, identify appropriate suppliers in this specialized field, and develop a solution that meets your performance needs. They can help you decide between a COTS solution, a fully custom design, and options in between. Our experience includes optics, illumination, and sensors for a complete imaging system.

In addition to delivering quality and performance, our experts consider user experience to ensure that all systems are user-friendly with the right interfaces and controls.

Ancillary Subsystems and System Integration

Most systems require a number of ancillary systems to handle sample insertion and processing. Our diverse team of engineers can help with the design of elements that involve precision fluidics, sample heating and cooling, agitation, centrifuging, monitoring, and other applications. This may include the design of custom electronics for the control of the various system elements as well as the integration of subsystems into a single, complete system that operates as a fully integrated device.

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Two scientists in protective clothing work in a laboratory, one using a microscope, while the other appears focused on a different task.

Manufacturability and Maintenance

High-quality microscopy instruments can be expensive to produce and maintain. Our experts balance cost and design, delivering high performance within scope and budget. They leverage our trusted network to bring you access to the components you need, when you need them.

Regular maintenance and calibration are also essential to ensure reliability and accuracy of the imaging system. Ascential build systems with calibration and service in mind, enabling adjustments upon setup and throughout the life of the system.

Clean Rooms

Our clean rooms help ensure the quality and reliability of the optical and electronic components used in high-resolution and super-resolution microscopes.

Clean rooms control contamination from particles, instruments, microbes, and other biological contaminants. They also minimize environmental factors such as noise, temperature, and humidity, preventing fluctuations that could impact the performance of sensitive components and systems.

A person wearing protective clothing, including a hair cover, mask, gloves, and lab coat, opens a door in a cleanroom environment.
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Safety Requirements

The use of lasers and other high-powered lighting and optics requires laser-safe areas for testing and alignment as well as system design in compliance with regulatory standards. Our team can assist in designing laser-safe work areas and processes to protect staff as well as controls around the use of electrical or chemical processes that carry risk. Our own facilities use controlled access to hazardous areas, and Ascential is committed to safety training, hazard assessments, and communication about safety practices to create a safe working environment.

Firmware and Software

Beyond product development and workflow design, our team partners with you to deliver the software and firmware required to manage your system. From design and development of control boards, communication protocols, and host test scripts, our experts provide programming for a variety of applications including status monitoring, source controls, and managing logs.

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Ascential addresses your greatest production challenges to help you deliver reliable, high-performance microscopy solutions.


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