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Additive Manufacturing

In the dynamic landscape of medical device manufacturing, where innovation, precision, and efficiency are paramount, finding the right partner can make all the difference. Ascential understands the unique challenges you face in additive manufacturing (AM), and we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to address your specific needs.

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Why partner with Ascential?

Best-in-Class Material Qualification

Ensuring that materials are biocompatible, durable, and sterile is non-negotiable. Our team at Ascential is deeply entrenched in the realm of material science. We possess the expertise to develop and qualify materials tailored explicitly for medical AM applications. We prioritize your safety and quality requirements through rigorous research and testing.

Cost-Efficiency and Quality

Cost-efficiency is essential, especially for low-volume production scenarios. Ascential leverages our profound knowledge of AM processes and materials to craft solutions that keep production costs in check without compromising quality. We make AM a viable and cost-effective choice for your medical device manufacturing needs.

Precision Meets Scalability

Imagine delivering personalized medical devices and components at scale, without the headaches of skyrocketing production lead times or costs. At Ascential, we specialize in customization at scale. Our AM capabilities empower you to produce patient-specific devices efficiently, meeting market demands while enhancing patient outcomes.

Rapid Prototyping

Speed is critical in the medical device industry. That's where our rapid prototyping capabilities come into play. With AM, we enable you to quickly iterate and test design concepts, reducing development costs, and putting innovative solutions in the hands of those who need them faster.

Complex Geometries

Medical device designs often demand intricacy and complexity that traditional manufacturing methods can't achieve. Here, we shine, empowering you to produce intricate and complex geometries that push the boundaries of what's possible.

Streamlining Logistics

Sidestep disruptions and inefficiencies. Ascential offers a way to reduce reliance on lengthy and intricate supply chains. Our AM solutions empower on-site or localized production, simplifying logistics and minimizing potential disruptions in the process.

Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Managing inventories can be a costly affair. With Ascential, you can implement just-in-time manufacturing strategies, producing components as needed. Say goodbye to large inventories and associated carrying costs while maintaining a responsive production system.

Design Optimization

With AM's digital nature, it becomes easier than ever to make continuous improvements based on real-world performance data. Ascential supports you in this endeavor, ensuring that your medical devices remain at the cutting edge of design and functionality.


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