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Workstations – Quantum 3

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We understand that workbenches  and workstations often need to be strong, durable and withstand any kind of prolonged use so we build them out of our durable extruded aluminium profiles, using various connectors and resilient worktop materials.

The main worktop materials we use are compact laminate and high-pressure laminate that come in various colours.

Both of these materials are suitable for a clean room or medical lab environment and can be used in conjunction with any of our profile ranges, including our closed profile options.

The structure of our workbenches is of a standard design with four legs, crossbars, and a worktop. You then have the option to customise incl. the installation of drawers, shelving, lighting, shadow boards and footrests.

Another feature is the option of having a fixed or adjustable height, making your workbench or workstation suitable for operators of every height.

The modular quality of our framing systems allows multiple workbenches or workstations to be integrated to form assembly lines.

We have the capacity to create one-off designs for singular workbenches or produce multiple solutions at cost-effective pricing.