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Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Services – Product Design & Development – D&K Engineering

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D&K Engineering has a world-class global turnkey contract manufacturing services. From product design and production layout to a supply chain management that delivers materials on a “just-in-time” basis at competitive costs, we create a complete contract manufacturing solutions customized for each client’s unique requirements.

Having developed a set of core capabilities and processes …

tailored to the production of complex electro-mechanical devices and consumables, D&K Engineering has adopted turnkey contract manufacturing services that are fine-tuned to meet our client’s specific product assembly and test requirements. Our manufacturing team consists of assembly workers and highly skilled technicians, each trained to read and interpret complex engineering drawings, product design, product development, and assembly instructions. These experienced teams manage the dynamic requirements of our clients while maintaining the highest quality of turnkey contract manufacturing services.

Industries We Work With 

  • Medical Device Design & Development
  • Smart Machines & Kiosks
  • Digital & 3D Printing 
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Military & Defense 
  • & More
With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Asia…

we provide contract manufacturing services to customers worldwide with timely, cost-effective production while minimizing inventories and transit costs.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Top Level Manufacturing

D&K Engineering focuses on top-level manufacturing and integration for a variety of clients in different industries.  We appreciate that each client has unique requirements and we tailor our solutions to meet each client’s capacity, quality, and cost targets.

Process Engineering Development

Robust process development is a critical factor to enable delivering high quality products consistently at the lowest cost. D&K Engineering’s extensive process engineering product development capabilities allow us to develop and optimize manufacturing processes.

Current Product Engineering

All products continue to evolve as they transition through their product life cycle. D&K Engineering’s co-location of engineering change management services with our manufacturing operations allow us to offer differentiated current product engineering solutions to facilitate further cost reductions, improve reliability, performance and product feature extensions.

Distribution and Logistics

D&K Engineering offers our clients with the lowest cost shipping option based on their desired inventory holding level, freight preference and global product distributions. Through the use of our strategic freight forwarders we are able to provide the most competitive transportation rates for both low and high volume shipment. D&K Engineering’s packaging optimization and product design expertise also delivers product packaging and bulk packaging solutions to reduce overall transportation costs.

Reverse Logistics and Repair

D&K Engineering offers a complete set of after-market services including order fulfillment and logistics, spare parts management, repair and refurbishment, and sustaining supply chain management.

Tools – Systems

Manufacturing tools and systems are intrinsic parts of a world-class manufacturing system. D&K Engineering offers product lifecycle management and adopts the state-of-the-art software to plan materials and resources and to optimize our material flow through our manufacturing value chain.