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Tube Coupling Assembly Machine – VHA

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Unique tube coupling assembly machine by VHA

The VHA coupling assembly machine is designed to assemble couplings automatically on PA-tubes. After presentation the tubes to a barcode reader and in combination with a pick to light system, the operator knows which coupling, connector block or nut ring needs to be fitted on the tubes. A control panel guides the operator through the assembly process. The machine can handle 6 different tube diameters and 24 coupling types, which are automatically selected by a servo slide. The coupling assembly machine can be operated as a stand-alone system or is controlled by an external master system. Depending on the received production data, the machine assembles in batch or in sequence at a capacity of 3 tubes with 2 couplings/min.

Are you making tube-coupling assemblies? What about:

Decreasing production costs by using an automatic sollution

Safeguarding production flexibility, 1 machine for different tube diameters and couplings

Improving quality by eliminating human error: Tubes and couplings are centered by the

Improving quality by using a pick-to-light system linked to your production demands.

Improving quality assurances to you customer by linking the automation to your traceability systems

Increasing your output by assembling 6 couplings per minute

Increasing your output by eliminating change over times