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Trolleys – Quantum 3

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The use of trolleys in production, rather than the use of forklifts or manual handling, allows operators to deliver materials to specific points on a production line safely and efficiently, reducing handling costs within your organisation.

Our trolleys are purpose built for each application for example jig storage, transporting products from one area to another or ease of lifting for operators.

We work with our customers to determine the best way to design the unit for the application, the environment and the operator. With trolley design, we aim to create solutions that not only meet your functionality needs but improve your systems of work.

As with a lot of our products we work with the customer’s initial concept to arrive at a solution where both the customer’s requirements are fulfilled and the appearance of the product is of the highest standard.

We bring together design, expertise and knowledge to create a unit that is both functionally sound and visually appealing.