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Total Commercialization Solutions, Product Design & Manufacturing – D&K Engineering, Inc

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Comprehensive Product Realization Solutions

D&K Engineering was specifically designed to provide clients with comprehensive and coordinated commercialization services for complex hardware-based systems, all under one roof. Total Commercialization Solutions is what we call our proprietary product design, development, manufacturing and market launch offering, executed by an interdisciplinary planning and project management team. It is our commitment to helping build successful lines of business—that is one of the key elements that truly makes us different. We know where we excel and we understand the challenges that our clients face. As a result, we build deep partnerships. Our success is inextricably linked to that of our clients while they strive to bring their vision to reality and build successful multi-generational products and enduring/valuable lines of business.

D&K Engineering commercialization capabilities span the entire product development life cycle from concept ideation, requirements definition, system architecture, to development, prototyping and release to full-scale competitive product manufacturing. The Total Commercialization Solutions scope begins with developing a thorough understanding of the market opportunity. It follows with a deep technical analysis of what breakthroughs are necessary for the client to compete and win in the market. Then a customized, client specific, milestone based, commercialization journey is constructed optimizing for cost and time.

The next step is a disciplined phased gate product development process. This involves driving towards a minimum viable product used for market testing followed by iterative change as needed and preparation for release to manufacturing and market launch. Either directly or through our eco-system, our services also include funding support, go to market planning, product launch, and promotion as well as customer and field support. As the focus is on the development of long-term successful lines of business, product cost roadmaps are also developed in support of leveraging future product design iterations as well as scale and lower cost manufacturing. This approach allows the client executives all the way to the Board, CEO and CFO to have a product cost horizon that enables them to effectively forecast and plan their business as well as their product line value projections.

Coordinated Client Services

Collaborative technology solution development can make any product realization process highly complex. Due to the unpredictability of inventions, innovation, and general technology breakthroughs, unexpected hurdles often arise. Early development decisions are crucial not only to the shorter term product release and development cost but also to the impact on product manufacturing and supply chain cost in the future. Because of the original design intent of D&K Engineering and its complete commitment to helping build successful lines of business, we do not simply trade engineering hours for dollars with little regard for product success. We share the responsibility to the client for having an authentic and transparent dialogue about any challenges if and when they arise. The Total Commercialization Solutions framework is what enables that to occur. We are constantly vigilant about time, cost and long-term value and as all the necessary technical resources are in-house speed is optimized.

The result? Fewer surprises and a predictable cost forecast. Breakthrough solutions with defensible intellectual property. Significant competitive advantage and a totally integrated solution set that gets clients product to market faster with a lower overall cost of development, a predictable and competitive cost roadmap, a successful end user support infrastructure –  all of which gives the client a greater probability of success in their market.