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Systems Engineering Services – Functional Analysis & Allocation – D&K Engineering

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Systems Engineering processes scaled to the appropriate level

Complex products require careful systems engineering services. The core challenge is uncovering the real problems to be solved, and devising elegant solutions that reduce risk and yield market success.  At D&K Engineering, our “Whole Systems” perspective ensures that all facets of product design and development are considered and integrated into feasible, economical and robust solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams blend technical and human-centered expertise to develop requirements, work processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools to support successful products.

Needs Capture

  • Engineering Requirements – development and analysis
  • Architecture development and functional allocation
  • Solutions assessment and optimization
  • Functional to physical synthesis
  • Interdisciplinary management and coordination
  • Verification & Validation
  • Systems driven discipline specific processes and methods
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Safety Engineering
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering


  • Trade–off studies
  • Technology assessments
  • Risk assessment and management plans
  • Configuration management
  • Interface identification and management
  • Critical requirements identification and allocation for successful manufacturing
  • Modeling and simulation for early architecture and solution assessment
  • Validation test plans
  • Manufacturing capable product development