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Smart Assembly & Vision – VHA

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SMART KLAUS® is a camera-based assistance system, that helps you optimize complicated manual processes quickly and accurately. The SMART KLAUS system guides employees through each work step, ensuring everything is done right the first time. This way you are able to improve the quality of your products, the productivity of your employees, and the competitiveness of your company.


VHA has installed worldwide multiple shock damper assembly lines, equipped with a vision system for quality check. Colored dots on the shock spring indicate the type of the part: the color and number of dots are analysed and define which spring is inserted in the machine for assembly. In this way an assembly with the right parts is guaranteed, and gives full traceability in the production.


Jam buckets are filled and placed manually in a random position, and should be picked for palletizing, including closing of the buckets with a lid. For this operation, we designed a robot with camera & light system mounted on the robot gripper, which based on contrast and outside shape can detect a bucket, and picks it by 3 gripper points. ​The multi-functional gripper can take 2 container sizes (big and small), the lids, a pallet and the intermediate carton layers.


In this project, we designed a vision system for quality check on height and “contour” of the biscuits, by laser beam and 3D scanner: various shapes can be analyzed in a short set-up time.​


The vision system analyses the quality of the fresh pancakes based on color check (baking result), and communicates with our Flex-Picker robot for automatic picking and packing in blisters, of the best quality pancakes.


Chocolate molds are verified after each production cycle, to check for residual chocolate, and this is crucial to avoid spill by refilling of a fix chocolate volume in next production run.

We build smart machines integrating the newest vision systems and AI

Our team is experienced in design and construction of flexible production machines, equipped with vision systems assuring best quality control.

  • Assembly machines
  • Test machines
  • Specialized robot applications with picking / sorting
  • Labeling machines
  • Marking Machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Customized automation lines