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Rotary Slitting Module Cleaning – Kinematic Automation

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A picture of a machine with a label on it.
A picture of a machine with a label on it.

Matrix™ 5472 Overview

The Matrix 5472 Blade Cleaning Station provides safe and efficient cleaning of your various cut modules from Matrix 2501, 2531, 2631 rotary slitting systems, and SPC 5000 strip processing systems.

A single operator can easily and safely remove glue and other built-up residue from cut module blades utilizing the supplied nylon scraping rods, or other tools such as wooden or soft plastic sticks, cotton-tipped swabs or similar. .

Key Features

  • Easily accommodates regular or extended length cut modules
  • Variable Speed AC Brushless Motor
  • Ergonomic Arm Rest
  • Interior Lighting
  • Can be used with the following Kinematic Rotary Cut Modules:
    • Matrix 2501 and 2501S (Stretch)
    • Matrix 2531 and 2531S (Stretch)
    • Matrix 2631
    • Most SPC 5000 Systems
    • Most Custom Systems