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Robots, Cobots & MiR – VHA

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Fast picking and handling of products is possible with our Flex Picker solution. Chocolates, pancakes, plastic parts and more, are picked and moved at a high-speed towards packaging or storage bins, or ejected in case of inferior quality. A vision system inspecting the conveyor belt indicates the right picking position and distributes the workload equally over all robots.


Small parts are a challenge to be handled as they can be randomly oriented on a conveyor belt. With our Flex Feeder solution, you are able to pick and place your parts in an optimum way for further automatic assembly.


VHA has developed expert solutions for the folding and closing of boxes, grouping and packing of smaller packs into cover boxes, and final palletizing. We listen carefully to the needs of our customer and design a multi-functional gripper who can combine all tasks, resulting in a cost-effective solution with a quick return-on-investment (ROI).


Even for sensitive products such as chocolates and pastries, we made custom made grippers with 3D print technology. Combined with our large experience in VISION systems, we can handle your products carefully. Multi-functional grippers can pick boxes, pallets, buckets, to save precious cycle time.


Mobile industrial robots are designed to automate your internal transportation and logistics, in an easy and cost-effective way. The MiR robots optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs. VHA is an authorised reseller of the MiR robots and has demo robots available for on-site testing and short-term renting.


We integrate robots in complex processes such as deburring and welding. In above image, extra large metal parts are polished with a 6-axis high precision robot. For another customer, a damper welding cell was designed to assemble 700 different shock dampers without any changeover time. We made this possible by combining 4 robots sharing the tasks for welding, tool switch, handling and assembly of the quality dampers.