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Reverse Logistics Solutions – Order Fulfillment & Logistics Service – D&K Engineering, Inc.

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D&K Engineering offers a complete set of after-market services including order fulfillment and reverse logistics solutions, spare parts management, repair and refurbishment, and sustainable supply chain management.


  • Inbound Freight Management
    • Inbound Freight Management allows us to find the best solution for shipping and freight management to make sure we are being as efficient as possible while finding ways to reduce cost.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
    • VMI helps the integration of supply chain management strategy. We can help make sure your product is managed fully with vendors to make sure your product logistics are operating to their fullest.
  • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Storing and distribution of the product can make a product more profitable and more available. D&K Engineering will help manage your warehouse and distribution plans. Finding the best solution to deliver your product to market is one of the ways we help with the logistics of delivering the best product.
  • Build and Configure to Order
    • D&K Engineering offers build & configure to order for customers or products that can fit the mold of the strategy. If your suppliers or product demand meets the criteria then we can help manage the logistics of BTO or CTO.
  • Spares Planning and Procurement
    • Spare Planning & Procurement is a part of an inventory management strategy that D&K Engineering offers solutions for. We are here to help with full contract manufacturing which includes managing the logistics of spare parts planning.
  • FRUs Planning and Procurement
  • Spares/FRUs FGI
  • Spares/FRU Logistics Service
  • Same Unit Repair
  • Like Unit Repair
  • Exchange Fulfillment
  • Defective Parts Screening
  • Disposal, eWaste
  • Component Lifecycle Management
  • Obsolescence Management
  • EOL Component Management
  • Alternative Component Sourcing