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Reagent Dispensing Systems – Kinematic Automation

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A machine with a number of different types of equipment.
A machine with a number of different types of equipment.

Matrix™ 1600 Overview

The Matrix 1600 Reagent Dispensing Module provides the low cost solution for reagent application onto lateral flow test strip products. Ease of set-up and use makes this an ideal system for both product development and production.

Robust construction utilizing high quality components provides the reliability required in production scenarios. With the touch screen interface, the operator controls insure consistent results from batch to batch.

Dispensing tip line spacing adjustment and replacement can be accomplished without tools, allowing quick change-over between products. No additional devices are required to set or adjust operational settings. Platen speed, flow rate, dot spacing, and dot volume are all configured using simple scroll-through interface screens.

Key Features

  • Easy set-up and touchscreen operator interface
  • Easy change from lines to dots
  • Small footprint, bench top application
  • Integrated control system
  • R&D or production capable
  • Contact or non-contact dispensing
  • Ability to store up to 6 different recipe names and configurations including syringe size and syringe fill volume

An image of a machine with different parts labeled.
An image of a machine with different parts labeled.

Matrix™ 6300 Overview

The Matrix 6300 Reel-to-Reel Dispensing Platform was developed to meet the requirements of the moderate to high volume production facility. The unit was designed in modular fashion to allow process flexibility while at the same time optimizing product yields and throughput.


The Matrix 6300 has applications for continuous striping of membranes using non-contact or contact dispense. The new High Efficiency Dryer provides for a hands-free dispensing/drying process allowing improved efficiency and quality.


The ability to continuously stripe up to 5 lines with 100% in process inspection allows the ultimate in quality and throughput. Multiple recipe storage capability provides for simple and reliable set-up & operation while simplifying process validation.


Key Features

  • High efficiency directed air plenum design drying chamber
  • Low web tension capability
  • 100% in-process inspection with reject marking
  • Touchscreen operator interface for ease of setup & operation
  • Multiple recipe storage
  • Simple Validation
  • Closed loop speed & dispense control
  • Highly precise liquid delivery
  • Small machine footprint
  • Micrometer Adjustable line positions
  • Web temperature sensing