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Product Lifecycle Management Solutions – Enterprise Resource Planning – D&K Engineering, Inc.

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Manufacturing tools and systems are intrinsic parts of a world-class manufacturing system. D&K Engineering offers product lifecycle management solutions and adopts the state-of-the-art software to plan materials and resources and to optimize our material flow through our manufacturing value chain.

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

  • ARAS PLM System
    • D&K Engineering offers ARAS PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Systems to help your product and company of the market and changing conditions.
  • IFS ERP System
    • D&K Engineering offers IFS ERP System which is a software to help collect, manage, store, and make decisions based on the data collected. This software allows us to help produce the most efficient product and lifecycle management plan.
  • I-Metrix Real Time Issue Tracking and Process Optimization Software
  • WITNESS Process Simulation Software
  • Manufacturing Information System
    • Our Manufacturing Information Systems are aimed to collect and present the data we need to help plan and operate your product or business to the fullest. With this system in place, it helps us create a better operating product lifecycle management for you.