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Precise, Consistent Coating Results – Aspect Automation

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Coating technologies play a role in many of the systems we build, particularly those incorporating web processing. We understand how to produce precise, consistent results utilizing a variety of coating methods.

Aspect Automation has experience in pattern coating/rotary screen printing, roll coating, and coating utilizing a slot die. Our knowledge extends to dispense and dispersal control, temperature control, and understanding of fluid and viscosity dynamics.

We’ve developed coating applications for industries such as life sciences, solar, energy storage, and consumer and industrial products.

Each of our coating technologies has specific benefits:

  • Pattern coating/rotary screen printing:
    • Custom-designed patterns for more efficient utilization of coating solutions
    • Flexible, easy to change patterns as needed
    • Cost-efficient, less expensive than roll coating
  • Roll coating:
    • Continuous solid coating, gravure cells, or shaped patterns
    • Easily adjustable for precise, consistent coating weights
    • Varied, versatile sizing — small modules to large, multi-roll systems
  • Slot die coating:
    • Die mounts precision-machined steel for durability
    • Easily adjustable
    • Custom-designed to coating solution’s unique properties — maximizing coverage while minimizing streaking