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Lateral Flow Development Equipment – Kinematic Automation

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Being part of the community that provides rapid diagnostic tests to the world, Kinematic Automation plays a part in getting important tests into the field as soon as possible. If you are developing a Rapid Assay test of any type, we have the equipment in stock for rapid prototyping of production quality product. The same equipment can also then be used in low to medium volume production.

Matrix 1600 Reagent Dispensing

The Matrix 1600 Reagent Dispensing Module provides the low cost solution for reagent striping onto lateral flow test strip products. Ease of set-up and use makes this an ideal system for product development.

Matrix 2210 Universal Laminator

The Matrix 2210 Universal Laminator Module is an easy to use card lamination instrument. Designed to laminate a wide variety of rapid diagnostic test strip products, this unit can easily support your laminating requirements from product development through production quantities.

Matrix 2360 Strip Cutter

The Matrix 2360 Programmable Shear Offers a flexible means of cutting a wide variety of diagnostic test strip products. The easily adjustable infeed guide allows the feeding of narrow or wide web or cardstock while the Touchscreen operator interface provides for quick changes of strip width.

Muti Cassette Press

The Multi Cassette Press offers an efficient and safe way to close cassette housings. It easily closes various cassette types with two quick-change parts. Adjustable closing pressure ensures each cassette is properly closed each and every time.