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Fully Automated Propshaft Balancing – Universal Balancing

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Fully automated propshaft balancing is a game changer for high labour countries.

The cost of running a propshaft machine in countries like USA and Germany mean that margins on running propshaft production get pushed to the limit. This is especially true when you add the cost of recruiting, training and retaining capable personnel required to operate the machines, and when most OEM’s are in very competitive labour areas or very remote locations, this is a problem.

Universal Balancing recognized the issues and developed and patented the world’s first fully automated propshaft balancing cell. The cell is fed by conveyor or AGV, a robot collects and loads the shaft into the balancer, the machine balances and unloads the shaft which is collected by the robot. Whilst sounding straight forward, this was no easy feat. Propshafts are inherently difficult to handle being multi-piece and flexible at multiple locations across the shaft, and you have a fraction of a millimetre clearance to load the shaft into precision balancing chucks!

Since its successful development, Universal Balancing have supplied multiple fully automated cells which have already reliably balanced millions of propshafts for vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Ranger.

We love balancing and we enjoy working with propshaft manufacturers and automatic balancing environments and would relish the opportunity of talking with you about your requirements.