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Diagnostic Cassette Assembly Systems – Kinematic Automation

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An image of a machine that has a label on it.
An image of a machine that has a label on it.

Matrix 2360™ Overview

The Matrix 2360 Programmable Shear Offers a flexible means of cutting a wide variety of diagnostic test strip products. The easily adjustable infeed guide allows the feeding of narrow or wide web or cardstock while the Touchscreen operator interface provides for quick changes of strip width. The touchscreen operator interface continuously shows current strip width, quantity and calibration selections as well as warning and instructional screens for maximum flexibility and performance. Kinematic Automation’s unique blade design allows for extremely long blade life while cutting even the most demanding materials.

The programming flexibility coupled with a cutting speed of 360 strips per minute provides utility unsurpassed in the industry. This system can be used for the lower volumes of product development as well as much higher quantity production scenarios.

The Matrix 2360 vs. others:

  • 6 strips / sec = 360/min.
  • Requires infrequent sharpening
  • Captive blade design for high reliability, low maintenance
  • Integral touch screen Operator interface with help screens
  • Blade removed for maintenance using just three screws, and requires no alignment.

Key Features

  • All electric drive for quiet, vibration-free operation
  • English or metric programming
  • Quick change blade design
  • Anti-static bar helps reduce electrostatic problems
  • Easily change card width without the use of tools
  • Cuts from continuous web or individual cards
  • Simple calibration
  • Long life blade design
  • Touchscreen control

An image of a machine that is labeled with different features.
An image of a machine that is labeled with different features.

Matrix™ 2501 Overview

The Matrix 2501 Rotary Slitting Module is a high speed precision strip cutting instrument. Designed to cut a wide variety of rapid diagnostic test strip products, this unit can easily support your slitting requirements from product development through production quantities.

Constructed from quality components and engineered for long life, the Matrix 2501 Rotary Slitting Module provides outstanding performance and value. With quick change, slide-out cutting modules a new level of flexibility is now available to the strip manufacturing industry.

The Matrix 2501 Rotary Slitting Module’s  extremely high cutting speed allows for production rates exceeding 60,000 strips per hour (based on 50-up cutting with cards fed at 3 second intervals).

The Matrix 2501 Rotary Slitting Module vs other rotary cutting:

  • Ergonomic Machine Design
  • Blades require virtually no maintenance other than cleaning
  • Excellent output geometry for strip handling
  • Compatible with virtually all test strip materials
  • Blade life is extremely long

A diagram showing the parts of a machine.
A diagram showing the parts of a machine.

Matrix 2531™ Overview

The Matrix 2531 Rotary Slitting Module is an extension of Kinematic’s workhorse, the Matrix 2501 Rotary Slitting module. This new version employs the best of Kinematic’s technology to automatically feed cards, register them for accurate cutting, and then direct them into the slitting operation.

Since many high-volume test strip products such as those for blood glucose testing, require accurate dimensional parameters, the Matrix 2531 is the perfect low-cost solution for accurately registering and slitting them. The cards are fed automatically from a “Load-on-the-Fly” card magazine, registered to a printed or physical feature on the strips, and then fed into a highly precise rotary slitting assembly.

After slitting, the strips exit the machine via a tapered output chute allowing easy collection in a bottle or vial. Options are available that improve strip collection efficiency. These options range from multiple-sort divert chutes for collecting the strips to a vibratory drive base to gently vibrate the output chute to make the strips fall easier.

The Matrix 2531 vs. other rotary cutters

  • Ergonomic machine design with easy set-up
  • Blades require virtually no maintenance other than cleaning
  • Excellent output geometry for strip handling
  • Compatible with virtually all test strip materials
  • Blade life is extremely long

Key Features

  • Automatic “Load-on-the-Fly” card magazine
  • Modular Design
  • Quick change cutting modules
  • Very low maintenance
  • Very high throughput

An image of a machine with different parts.
An image of a machine with different parts.

Matrix™ 5051 Overview

The Matrix 5051 Cut & Vial System offers a unique and proprietary high-speed technology for the cutting and placing of diagnostic test strips into vial housings of various sizes. You can easily program the number of strips to place in each vial as well.

The color touchscreen operator interface panel continuously displays real time production tracking, system and material status, calibration screens, and system parameters, as well as troubleshooting and warning screens.

Utilizing Kinematic Automation’s proprietary high speed technology, the Matrix 5051 allows for rapid production, long blade life, precise control of strip width, all on the most demanding materials. Reject detection and elimination is fast and efficient ensuring only good strips get placed in vials.

The Matrix 5051 system is ideal for the flexible production of multiple products. This system offers a superior solution at a competitive price for high volume, semi-automated production of lateral flow diagnostic products.

Automatic laminated card feed of test strip material is standard. Automatic web feed is optional.

Key Features

  • Programmable strip count per vial
  • Easily accommodates different vial sizes
  • Touch screen operator interface terminal for simple setup and operation
  • Automatic card feeding from a sheet style feeder
  • Proprietary high speed shear up to 8 strips cut per second depending on strip width
  • Automatic edge trim and scrap removal
  • Automatic reject management

SPC 5000 Strip Processing Center Overview

The SPC 5000 slits and vials blood glucose sensors at an incredibly high speed; more than 150,000 sensors per hour when processing in a 50 strip per vial configuration. All while maintaining  the absolute highest standards for accuracy, reliability and positive strip registration and orientation.

Because of our patented singulation and packaging technology, the SPC 5000 is designed to deliver maximum performance during many years of 24/7 production.  When maintenance or service is required, our revolutionary quick access design allows for simple and quick access to critical areas and components, maximizing efficiency and uptime.

All Kinematic Automation slit-and-vial platforms are available with a range of options that include QA sort capability, laser marking, 100% in-process inspection, and more. In addition, each system is backed by our reputation for 100% customer satisfaction.

Designed for Quick Service Access

Modular, quick service access

  • Maximizes efficiency and up-time by providing quick access to all critical processes and machine components
  • Greatly reduces time required for routine service and maintenance activities
  • Cut module can be removed and replaced in less than 60 seconds for maximum efficiency and offline blade cleaning