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Design & Engineering – Epic Equipment & Engineering

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Epic Equipment & Engineering maintains a flexible staff capable of handling projects of any size as well as complete in-house turnkey capability for all engineering projects. Our working designers use industrial production process analysis and engineering with 2D and 3D mechanical design, layout, and detailing capability.

Epic’s controls department processes all electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic controls hardware design, PC, PLC, robotics, and instrumentation software programming and setup.

Epic’s mechanical and electrical engineers are proficient in Solidworks and AutoCAD designs.

Well engineered assembly equipment is necessary to improve efficiency and compete in a global market. Epic Equipment & Engineering can design, build, install, and service custom equipment to help your plant work smarter. We use off-the-shelf components and open standards whenever possible to create solutions that can evolve over time. Our solutions can be designed to meet global regulations and required certifications. We understand the impact of regulatory requirements and design equipment with validation and compliance in mind.

Custom tooling and machine specific details are designed in-house to customer-supplied data, and all individual detail prints are supplied to the customer.