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Contract Manufacturing – NACS

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NACS is committed to building and executing world-class productions spanning the Life Sciences industries. From medical devices and drug-delivery devices to molecular biology diagnostic equipment and compounds, NACS produces life-critical products to the highest standards.

Through lean production development, vertical integration and modular production-building, NACS is able to minimize capital investments while providing some of the fastest idea-to-product times in the industry. NACS offers over 25 years of production-building expertise, an industry leading machine building group, best-in-class component suppliers, and a top-tier quality system surpassing ISO, FDA and EU Pharmaceutical and Medical Device requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

By integrating our expertise in machine building, validation, and lean principles, we have built a manufacturing culture that ensures every production is world-class.

Design for Manufacturing

Analyze your product design to ensure your product will utilize components and processes that are automatable, scalable, repeatable and in-control–minimizing product life-cycle costs while maximizing profits and time to market.

Prototype Production

NACS will take your idea and develop the first prototypes as close to final production as circumstances allow while capturing and challenging the valuable information gained during the development process.

Machine Building

NACS’s personnel is experienced with all types of automated manufacturing technologies are experts in providing the best scalable solution to meet current and future market demands.


Utilizing our expertise in IQ, OQ, PQ and software validation, NACS begins the validation process at the project kickoff as opposed to the industry standard of after equipment acceptance.

Production Delivery

Through our vertically integrated production delivery program, NACS can shave months off your time to market and deliver a validated, proven production to your facility.

Packaging, Fulfillment, & Distribution

Medical products have several unique challenges when it comes to packaging and fulfillment. In response, NACS developed the PurePouch packaging system along with some electronic systems. We designed PurePouch to efficiently package medical products and we develop the electronic systems to address the specific demands of medical fulfillment and distribution.