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Automated Service Division – NACS

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A Team of Experienced Engineers

Production development requires a certain finesse that many companies are unable to provide. At NACS, we are not only engineers but a team of innovators with creative solutions, skills and determination to see a project through to the end. NACS’s personnel is experienced with all types of automated manufacturing technologies. Modeling is at the cornerstone of any engineering and design effort. NACS’s team is well versed in 3D solid modeling with Solidworks.

NACS handles all phases and aspects of each project. Beginning with 3-D concepts & prototypes. Then we create the most efficient, smart, cost-effective way to produce the product. The initial innovative and creative solution typically results in great cost savings for our clients. We then build the tools, the electro/mechanical systems, software, and user-interfaces to give you the ideal tooling, semi-automated or completely automated system that is backed with validation, testing (both in-house and on-site), complete setup and training.

Engineering Specialties


NACS has experience with an array of robotic systems.
Robot Types: 6-axis, delta, SCARA, collaborative, gantry, etc…
Application Examples: pick-and-place, assembly, adhesive application, high speed diverting, welding (laser & ultrasonic), vision guided robotics, sorting, synchronous motion, etc…
Brands: Fanuc, Denso, Kuka, ABB, Universal, Adept, etc…

Web Handling

NACS has a broad band of experience in web handling.
Web types: non-woven, films, filament, foils, paper, paperboard, metal foils, wire, and spun
Web Speeds: 1 – 1000 ips (5-5000 ft / min)
Web Processes Components: wind/unwind, slitters, steering, splices detection, drive rollers, splice rollers, edge guide sensors, tensioning, etc…, from 0.005 inches to +4 feet thickness 0.003 inches and thicker web widths

Assembly Systems

NACS has a broad band of experience in assembly systems.
Applications: robotic, dial indexing, in-line indexing, precision, high-speed, feeder bowl, flex feeder, multiple-stations, etc…

Laser Integration

NACS has experience with an array of CO2 & YAG laser integration applications.
Areas of use: medical, semiconductor, industrial, research, food, etc…
Applications: ablation, marking, cutting, perforation, and welding

Vision Systems

NACS has a broad band of experience with hundreds of vision applications.
Applications: inspection, measurement, alignment, tight tolerance, vision guided robotics, on-the-fly location, verification, bar code, optical character recognition (OCR), conveyor tracking
Vision System: Cognex, PPT, DataLogic, Adept, Fanuc, Keyence, DVT, and more
Industries Served: medical, semiconductor, water filtration, industrial, printing, food, and others

Test Cells

NACS has a diverse experience with hundreds of test cell applications.
Data Collection: measurements, operator information, travelers, etc… We can interface with your quality database system
Applications: vision, torque, pressure, vacuum, leak decay, impedance, hi-pot, continuity, resistance, induction, alignment, force-over-distance, elasticity, lubricity, plus many others
Software: Labview, SigPod, and Visual Basic


NACS has diverse experience with bonding of similar and dis-similar materials.
Applications: bonding, crimping, swaging, UV adhesive, IR, heated dies, heat & pressure, laser welders, and compression

Punch & Place

NACS has experience with an array of punch and place applications.
Applications: membrane, web, and foil


NACS has experience with an array of welding applications.
Applications: laser, resistance, ultrasonic, robotic, and automation


NACS has experience with an array of cleaning applications.
Applications: ultrasonic, chemical, agitation, spray, steam
Devices: stents, catheters, and balloon


NACS has diverse experience with coating.
Application: balloons, catheters, webs, foils, and membranes


NACS has experience with an array of pressing applications (servo, pneumatic, air-over-oil, cam, etc…)
Applications: bearing, pins, insulators, stacking, crimping, in-line molding, cold forming,  and place-and-press
Measurement feedback: force, displacement/distance, and torque
Brands: Promess, Schmidt, Janome, and NACS

Chemical Handling

NACS has diverse experience with chemical handling.
Applications: class I / division I, class II / division I, explosion proof, intrinsically safe, pressure vessels, and pumps


NACS has experience with an array of ovens and processes.
Applications: curing, heat set, drying, and annealing

Feasibility Study

When you are not sure how your application will work, NACS can conduct a feasibility study with a fully detailed report.

Production Transfers

NACS has experience with varied production line transfers and line duplications that typically involve many pieces of equipment.
Competencies: product/process equivalency, process improvement, international transfers, reverse engineering, ergonomics, and obsolescence