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Value Engineering & Cost Analysis Services – Product Re-Engineering – D&K Engineering

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Maximizing the value delivered by complex products demands a thorough understanding of markets and business as well as technology. This value engineering and cost analysis service involves managing costs and risks while capturing opportunity and ensuring functionality and quality. D&K Engineering offers deep experience with value-oriented design and high-volume manufacturing. Our significant Asian presence allows us to excel in product life cycle cost reduction and value cost analysis services.

A deep experience base in design, high volume manufacturing, product re-engineering, and a significant Asian presence enables D&K to be a total solutions provider for product life cycle cost reductions and value engineering services.

Product Re-Engineering Services

  • Re-engineer product design
  • Design for cost
  • Design for reliability
  • Design for maintainability
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Re-engineer the manufacturing process
  • Identify and qualify lower cost supply base in Asia

Customer Relationship

D&K is able to engage customers with any one of the above or all services as a turnkey solution provider. Business arrangements can include more traditional contracts for the specific services as well as generated value profit sharing.