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New Product Introduction Services – NPI Process – D&K Engineering, Inc

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A crucial time for any product development cycle is the transition from product design to manufacturing. The New Product Introduction (NPI) phase requires key elements of the design to be matured and finalized so that all deliverables are ready to be released to manufacturing. D&K Engineering’s Total Commercialization Solutions process is unique in that it fully drives a seamless, transparent transition from R&D to manufacturing during the new product introduction process.

Precisely defined deliverables for each function at each phase of the program are validated before a product moves to the next phase of the NPI process.

Some of these key deliverables include:

  • Beta design and build verification cycles.
  • Supply chain readiness for production.
  • Configuration control formalized.
  • Finalize manufacturing plan, work instructions, and quality plan.
  • Complete costed BOM and total manufacturing costs.
  • The complete pilot production runs.

Release to manufacturing after verification processes complete during our new product introduction services. A detailed deliverables by phase process called the D&K Engineering L-PRP is used through the entire development and manufacturing process. This is Total Commercialization Solutions. No barriers, no walls, just seamless execution at the highest level of quality at every step of the NPI process. To learn more about D&K Engineering’s new product introduction services and how we can assist your company, contact us today.